Family owned and operated since 1987
Fuller Life Water is dedicated to providing reliably pure water

Our technically advanced purification process assures our customers will receive reliably pure drinking water. The vapor compression still we use is the same technology used in medical injectable grade applications. Our water is steam distilled, double degassed, and ozonated, giving you pure H2o at its finest. Call us to start service today at 1-800-224-6116.

We are located in Royal Oak, Michigan and service the tri-county area plus parts of Livingston and Washtenaw counties. Fuller Life Water takes pride in the quality of our water and our service. We have been in business since 1987 and are family owned and operated. We are dedicated to personal service, and we cater to higher standards.

Our process removes volatile organics (paint thinners, chloroform, pesticides), Inorganic compounds (arsenic, chlorine, fluoride), Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, pyrogens,), Heavy metals (lead, mercury), Radioactives (uranium, boron). What is unique is the ability to remove 100% of the volatile organics & pyrogens. NO OTHER PROCESS COMPARES. With literally thousands of chemicals used in our environment historically, and today, we feel it is best to drink absolutely pure water and add necessary minerals back to the water, take supplements, and eat nutrient rich foods. Water is about hydration, not nutrition. Hydration is crucial for the human body. Nutrition involves proper diet, and supplementation if necessary. For more on this subject see our "process" section of this website.

The ph factor: Fuller Life Water has a unique distillation process. Our ph settles at neutral (7.0). Due to the purity level of our water, it is hard to get an actual ph reading. The scientific community recognizes pure distilled water as neutral. If the goal is to increase the alkalinity of your body's ph, it is better to do so with alkaline foods. Please see more on alkaline water and ph in our comparison section.

Fuller Life Water offers additional products to include liquid minerals, ph booster, etc.

Call us today for more information at 1-800-224-6116

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